Bhukuda was founded based on passion and the pure enjoyment of the sport of swimming. The company was born in the coastal city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Port Elizabeth is located 763 km east of Cape Town. It is regarded as the gateway to the world renowned Garden Route and is sometimes referred to as the “friendly city” or more importantly for us, the “water sport capital of Africa”. We are lucky to have fantastic indoor and outdoor pools, a beautiful warm Indian Ocean, open water marinas close by and a warm sunny climate. Spoilt for choice, you can train for and compete in pretty much anything swimming wise: from world class triathlons to ocean/open water swim races to fun, fitness or competitive pool swimming.

Swimming starts out as a life saving skill to be learnt and water safety education is critical. As a person’s swimming ability grows, the benefits of swimming become clear. Swimming allows the body to gradually build up strength and endurance, improve skill levels and build motivation, ambition and confidence.

It is better to swim in a group rather than alone. Swim buddies motivate, inspire and push one another to accomplish their goals. They don’t let you down – they always pitch up or let you know if they can’t be there. They support each other and build each other up. The comfort and reliability of your swim gear is just as important as your buddies splashing in the pool with you.

Bhukuda is the swim gear partner you can rely on. We provide high quality, affordable swim gear to support your needs. Let us be your chosen partner on your swimming journey! Bhukuda – Swim this way